Asador Contrapunto


From the market to the grill and straight to your table
The Asador Contrapunto brasserie brings together the best products from Mediterranean cuisine and the unique touch that grilling gives to the food to create a gastronomic concept that’s full of flavour and to everyone’s liking.

Located right in the centre of Granada this restaurant draws on the essence of the city and is inspired by its Nasrid history to give shape to a menu that respects tradition and embraces the avant-garde.

From traditional Spanish and Andalusian dishes, to dishes that give a wink to other cuisines and cultures, always based on respect for the product, Asador Contrapunto is a brasserie that has been thought out to give you the perfect gastronomic experience. We start with the freshest products from the market and local delicacies to create a high quality concept that won’t disappoint.

our menu

Our menu proposes a journey from sea to mountain for our diners, respecting tradition but with a contemporary aesthetic. To guide you, we suggest starting with some hand-sliced Iberian ham or a selection of Andalusian cheeses, to send you on a journey through the most traditional flavours of the South.

Let you palate experience new sensations with a Manzanilla wine-fragranced steak tartar or Salmon marinated in green aguachile (ceviche sauce). Our most avant-garde creations are made with fresh products from the market. For a complete experience at Asador Contrapunto, you can’t miss our speciality, our creations cooked on a holm oak charcoal grill, a way of cooking that underlines the natural taste of the product. Finish off your meal with a sweet touch and let yourself be seduced by the flavours of our delicious desserts in which local products are what really stand out.
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the restaurant

In the heart of Granada, we have designed a space with smooth tones and relaxed surroundings, to get away from the bustle of the city and enjoy all of the sensations of our grilled meat and fish.

As if it were a true oasis, the decoration of the Asador Contrapunto brasserie brings together sand and earth colours with a fresh feel given by the green leaves of plants. This also includes exotic decorative elements that hark back to Nasrid times to create a space inspired by the city of Granada itself and its vibrant culinary scene.

Wine also has its place as the ideal pairing for our grilled dishes. In the Asador Contrapunto winery you’ll find the best wines to go with your meal.

The team

The driving force behind Asador Contrapunto is its dedicated team, who offer a creative and professional service that is committed to innovation.

The staff who work in the brasserie kitchens stand out because of their respect for high-quality ingredients that they use to create their dishes every day. Grilling requires specific skills to get the food to just the right point, ensuring the best flavour, which our team does for each dish that they prepare.
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opening hours

Monday to Sunday
1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
8:00 – 11:00 p.m.

*Closed from July 8 to 31.
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